How fintechs shape CMO ops

Fintechs have demonstrated their capacity to revolutionize business operations writ large. From sleek POS systems to supply-chain solutions, the sector’s products and services have transformed money into a source of data and actionable insight, helping business leaders make informed decisions about ways to expand their operations and delight customers.

These transformations have impacted the work of CMOs as well. From financial analytics platforms to metaverse-based sandboxes, the CMO stack is dramatically changing CMO ops in real time.

Leading with intuition and insight

A relatively clear metric with which internal stakeholders can measure their success is revenue. Fintech analytics platforms that offer macroeconomic insights as well as sector- and strategy-specific data are especially useful, letting leaders understand which strategies have provided the greatest return on investment, and improve, pivot, or discontinue those that are underperforming.

CMOs can complement and bolster their qualitative views through the data generated from these fintech platforms. Fluctuations in income according to marketing schemes and streams can become compelling evidence that can encourage leaders to allocate more funding—and employees—for marketing- and growth-related initiatives, and maximize the ROI of existing marketing budgets.

Finding new funnels

New fintech-driven and -supported channels can help CMOs detect and acquire new customers. Though some of these tech platforms have seen relatively little traction at this point, initiatives such as the metaverse, for instance, may become promising ways to reach out to consumers who are comfortable being the early adopters for up-and-coming technologies.

However, CMOs should be cautious about signing up their companies for platforms—or associating their companies with tech movements—that alienate the majority of their potential or existing user base. Doing so may woo insiders, such as crypto enthusiasts, but may compromise larger public impressions of a platform’s security or seriousness in the long run.

Innovation and inspiration

It’s a relatively intangible benefit of working with fintechs, but fintech platforms can help drive CMOs into operating more innovatively. By sharing relevant best practices and insights through ongoing user engagement, fintechs stand to maintain long-term relationships with CMOs and also push them to adopt a more modern approach to their work.